Dramatic Works

Just Like Me

Eleven year-old Andrew James is having a bad day.  Still mourning the recent death of his father Andrew finds himself surrounded by females who just don’t understand.  His sisters Melinda, Mary and Melissa drive him crazy.  Best buddy Charlie the cat the only other male in the house is pregnant.  Octogenarians Betty and Barbara Woods who run the local pet shop where Andrew got Charlie can’t quite work out the difference between gender and sex.  Five year-old neighbor Suzie is in love and has a special play-date arranged with him and, the new kid on the block Tim Edwards who just happens to love technology as much as Andrew turns out to love ballet even more.  Worst of all, Andrew finds himself haunted by Andrea an eleven year-old girl who claims to be his inner feminine side.  What’s a guy to do?  If only Andrew could find someone just like him he’d have a true friend and all would be well once more. A tender coming of age comedy of eros, alienation and errors.

Commissioned by South Coast Repertory Theatre

13 characters

can be performed by 8 actors

80 minute running time

unit set with movable pieces

Jenna and the Troublemaker

Adapted from the book of the same name by Hiawyn Oram.  Nine year-old Jenna has troubles and it looks to her like everyone else is completely carefree.  One day she meets the Troublemaker as he comes to hand out a new bag of mischief.  Jenna embarks on a journey  with him, Hildie his faithful canine assistant and Jed a poetic feline. On her adventure Jenna discovers things are not always as they seem.  Getting a close up look into the struggles of others makes her begin to appreciate her own life, troubles and all!   A delicious family musical bringing to life Jenna, her classmates, their misunderstood grumpy teacher and all their glorious troubles...not to mention the Troublemaker himself.

Commissioned for a joint project between The Sundance Institute Theatre Program and the Park City, UT Egyptian Theatre

15 + characters

90-100 minute running time

simple flexible set

Currently being developed into a full-length musical!

Tamar Greenwold has been unexpectedly called to return from a long awaited vacation with her husband.  Her sister-in-law Claire is lying in the hospital seven and a half months pregnant, brain-dead, on life-support.  Arrangements have been made by Tamar’s close friend and attorney Kristin Joseph to have an Israeli immigrant adopt the child.  Tamar, devoted to her Jewish faith, is thrilled… that is until she discovers the mother to be, Sahrrah Shouman, is Arab-Israeli.  Hannah, Tamar’s gifted eight year-old daughter becomes increasingly attached to the aunt she hardly new and the unborn child.  In an effort to stem the tide of conflict between the adults Hannah evolves a plan with potentially deadly consequences.  As the characters wrestle with the conflict, the nature of identity, faith and truth are called into question.  Approached with great humor and humanity Solomon’s Blade speaks to anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and seen a stranger.

Winner Dorothy SIlver Playwriting Competition

Winner Nora Mae Scott New Play Award

Winner of Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Excellence Award

7 characters

90 minute running time

unit hospital room set

Daniel R. Davis, Wall Street tycoon, is dying.  Laurel Fein, humanitarian, is dying for a change.  When she learns her childhood sweetheart, the love of her life, has ALS she comes up with a plan to share something meaningful with him before he’s gone.  Together they launch a reality television series to give Daniel’s heart, literally, away to a worthy recipient.  All goes well with Laurel’s efforts to erase the distance that time, space, and the realities of life brought between them.  Until, that is, she bumps up against realities beyond her control.  Daniel’s estranged brother, Kenneth, provides an option to extend his brother’s life, altering the outcome of the show.  Jen, Daniel’s young assistant belonging to an unusual generation of women confounds Laurel’s grasp of the rules by which we live and love.  As these four central characters make their way through the labyrinth of uncertainty, we come to question the nature of Self.  Is the power of love enough to transcend our innate impulses...or not?

Winner Kennedy Center ACTF Jean Kennedy Smith Award.

5 characters

can be performed by 4 actors

90 minute running time

unit office set

Saints and Sinners

a Revelation of Character

in the 21st Century

A portrait of humanity in this some times not so brave new world of the 21st century captured in six unique one-acts.  Saints and Sinners is a sneak peek into a do-gooders anonymous meeting peopled by five luminaries from across the centuries, a super hero and an unsuspecting ordinary newcomer.  In Bologna Tom is caught red-handed when his wife Lula, a gourmet vegan raw foods chef, returns  early from a trip.  What’s worse, the bologna he’s caught eating or the bologna he feeds her as he tries to explain? Savage Beast explores the nuanced art of communication between man, his four-legged best friend and the woman of their dreams.  April foolery can bring out the savage beast in us all.  Inside Out is how Margo feels when she finally pays a visit to the Inside Out gallery which long-time mentor/boyfriend Arthur raves about.  There, she discovers history repeating itself when she meets young, beautiful and un-molded sales clerk Louise.  What was he thinking?  When Andrew and Regina meet up at the 640 foot high Rio Grande gorge bridge in Gorged, each is on a mission. Problem is for one to succeed the other has to fail.  Will Andrew jump or is there something Regina can say or do to change is mind?  She doesn’t really mind if he kills himself, just not on her bridge, just not on this day.  Strange sounds and eerie sensations pervade the early morning mist as four anonymous people come to understand what is really at stake in the Crash Test they face.  Who has been naughty and who has been nice?

a total of 20 characters

can be performed in its entirety by 7 actors

each one-act stands on its own as well as working well together to form a full evening of theatre

great scenes for student actors and professional showcases

Rapidfire Bootleg Theatre

production of "Bologna"